About Us

Villainous Press grew out of the merger of two small publishers in 2012. While our main product line is trade paperback books, we also produce hardcovers, collectible numbered hardcovers, graphic novels, comic books, paperbacks, and ebooks. We mainly publish genre speculative fiction.

Villainous Press is a member of The Publishing Consortium™, LLC.

We use traditional printing (usually from Canada or China) and print-on-demand technology. To prevent problems with bookstores, we assign our own ISBN numbers and register LCCN numbers, when appropriate, for all books. All of our books are edited at least twice, and we use professional book cover designers for most of our projects. Our general interior book layout was custom-designed by RuneWright.com, and we adjust it according to the project.

We have a newsletter, published occasionally several times a year, and maintain a website at http://www.VillainousPress.com. Visit the webpage to be apprised of upcoming anthology and novel submission opportunities.

We’re Different.

  • Our primary products are print trade paperbacks.
  • Electronic versions of our books are normally released approximately three months after the print books are in stores.
  • Each book goes through two levels of editing.
  • Cover designs are attractive. We use assembled stock photography, custom CGI artwork, or commissioned artwork.
  • We produce graphic novels, genre fiction paperbacks, and collectible hardcovers.
  • We are a paying market.
  • Copies of our contracts are available for viewing for each project.
  • All stand-alone novel authors receive copies of their work in all formats produced.
  • Interiors are professionally designed using in-house software, Adobe InDesign® and Anthemion Jutoh™ software.
  • All novels are assigned Library of Congress Catalog Numbers.
  • Novel authors can purchase up to 10 copies at cost plus actual shipping. Additional books may be purchased at a discount as per contract.
  • Authors receive accurate payments and royalty statements on time.
  • We have a marketing and promotion group that goes beyond social networking. We advertise on third-party websites and in third-party print media.
  • We offer discounted products to libraries, verified non-profit agencies, and to bulk purchasers.
  • Villainous Press is a registered imprint of The Publishing Consortium, LLC.

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