Rule #1:

Please, only submit during open periods. Submitting outside of open periods will result in your submission going to the great bit bucket in the sky. You will not receive a reply.

Rules 2 & Up:

Most of this is standard verbiage for current pro or semi-pro authors.

  • Use standard manuscript formatting, Times New Roman, 12pt, double-spaced.
  • Single space after punctuation.
  • Edit your work before submitting it. We will also edit, but a shoddy submission will most likely get rejected.
  • We use Submittable for manuscripts. You will need an account there ( Some folks may have a problem getting an account. You can directly contact the appropriate editor for an anthology or send an email to editor (at) this website.
  • Royalties are calculated in June and December.
  • Payment can be via PayPal or check, your choice, in US funds.
  • Payment rates, general (Note that specific information for an anthology open call overrules these rates):
    • Poetry: 5 cents/word, up to $20.
    • Flash Fiction: 5 cents/word, up to $20.
    • 10-Pack Flash Fiction: For some 100-word anthologies, ten accepted flash fiction stories will be considered one complete short story and paid $60 (6 cents/word rate).
    • Short Stories: 6 cents/word, up to $180.
    • Novels: $2000 advance against royalties.
    • Graphic Novels: Negotiated individually.
    • Reprints: Generally paid at 1 cent/word.
    • Artwork: Negotiated individually.
  • Rights:
    • Poetry: First World Rights, exclusive for 2 years.
    • Short Stories: First World Rights, exclusive for 2 years, may be used in a personal collection after one year if self-published.
    • Novels: First World Rights, exclusive for 6 years.
  • Royalties:
    • Poetry and short fiction are flat rates or as negotiated.
    • Novels and graphic novels are paid royalties as negotiated.
  • Author Copies
    • All authors will receive a personal copy (usually digital).
    • Authors will be able to purchase discounted copies of print anthologies (exact printing cost + exact shipping + $1).
    • All sales to authors or promotional copies do not count towards royalties.
  • If a manuscript is not accepted, you will receive a form email. Please add to your approved email list.
  • Accepted manuscripts require a personally-signed contract. Using a handwriting font is not acceptable. Digitally signed PDFs are acceptable.

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