Behind These Eyes News

Behind These Eyes made the HWA Bram Stoker Award® final list for graphic novels.

“Behind These Eyes has it all: great creepy story, world class graphics, ending that will leave you gasping….”
— Jeanne C. Stein

“Behind These Eyes” is a visceral horror tale that clearly shows the additional punch graphic novels can bring to the genre. Truly shudder-worthy!”
— Kevin J. Anderson, international bestselling author of DEATH WARMED OVER

“Weird, creepy… *exactly* what it should be!”
— S.M. Stirling

“Stark, violent, its edges have edges. This is only for horror readers who have had their tetanus boosters.”
— Ed Bryant

“Behind These Eyes” is a swift, horrific descent into a psychological hell from which—for a rational mind—there is no escape. It is the definition of insanity, laid out step-by-bloody-step. Every panel of artwork, every stilted step of hard-hitting prose brought me that much closer to its gruesome and tragic end. It left me feeling alone in the dark while something horrible scratched on my naked skull, trying to get in.
— Quincy Allen, Penny Dread Tales 1-3

Deliciously creepy, with artwork that perfectly complements a tale that is the essence of true horror, “Behind These Eyes” is a great addition to any horror buff’s library!
–Michaelbrent Collings, bestselling author of Darkbound and The Haunted

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