Barton’s Island

Barton's Island CoverComing this December from Villainous Press:

Barton’s Island by Harl Vincent

In the year 2229, Jerome Carter and his Gang of Ten run the government of United North America from the shadows. With the iron fist of business acumen, they fear only one thing: a leader who can motivate the working class, called the Gray, to revolt.


Philip Barton, born one of the elite, is that man.

Barton is exiled, along with his wife and associates. What his enemies don’t realize is that Barton and his airship yacht are not all they appear to be. On the run from government agents, Barton escapes to a secret location known as Barton’s Island. Can he elude the thugs from the government long enough to lead the workers of the world to a new era?

Foreword by Guy Anthony De Marco
ISBN: 978-1-62225-453-8
Release Date: December 14, 2013


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