Sidekicks Anthology

Sidekicks, an anthology that will support MileHiCon Denver with the net proceeds, will be released on October 23, 2015 at MileHiCon.

At MileHiCon 46, several authors, publishers, and editors headed a panel called So You Want to Be in an Anthology? The audience selected the theme for the anthology, and only the people who attended the panel were eligible to submit short stories for publication. The authors would experience having their manuscript run through the editing process and receiving a contract, which included notes about what to watch out for when reading a contract. The stories in the anthology will be copyrighted in the author’s name.Sidekicks - Front Cover V1-72dpi

Originally, the contributors were to receive an ebook version, but the principles decided to switch it to a physical copy so the contributors could sign each other’s copy at MileHiCon 47. The authors will also be able to pick up additional copies at a discount should they decide to pick up books for selling at a convention or for Christmas presents.

All proceeds beyond actual costs will go to support MileHiCon.

Don’t forget, MileHiCon 47 will be held in Denver on October 23-25, 2015. We will be running another panel for the 2016 anthology on Saturday, October 24th in the Mesa Verde B room at noon. You must be in attendance and sign the attendance sheet to have the opportunity to contribute to next year’s anthology.

We’ll see you in Denver!


The Contributors:

Edited by Sam Knight

  • Foreword by Sam Knight
  • A Matter of Measure by Holly Roberds
  • Mourning Bell by Benjamin Jacobson
  • Cupcakes and Villainy by Stephanie Parriott
  • The Chamber by Patrick Smythe
  • The Devil’s Contract by Rod Spurgeon
  • Transcript Attached by Sheila Hartney
  • Tracking the Trickster by Carolyn Kay
  • Job Security by Jodi M Franklin
  • Regarding the Incident on the Yellow Planet by Sarena Ulibarri
  • Ether and Chrome by Jessica Lauren Gabarron
  • The Pale Horse by Susan Adams
  • Mutualistic Sidekicks by Aaron Spriggs
  • Bragging Rights by Kenneth Ray Hager
  • The Goblin’s Guide to Being Fabulous by DM Daniel
  • Sidekick for Hire by Jess Roth
  • Afterword by Guy Anthony De Marco

Kindle, Amazon

Available for Kindle Universe.

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