Steampunk: The Other Worlds

The anthology STEAMPUNK: The Other Worlds will officially debut at AnomalyCon in Denver, Colorado on March 28, 2015. Edited by Sam Knight, senior editor at Villainous Press, this collection of steampunk-themed stories go beyond the typical boring Victorian earth-based confines.

  • Black Box by Peter J. Wacks
  • Odd Goods by Jessica Brawner
  • Apprentice in the Steam Library by Daniel Ausema
  • Eggs Full of Flame by K. C. Shaw
  • The Chaos Specimen by Matthew Pedersen
  • Under a Shattered Sky by Chris Wong Sick Hong
  • Ayelen by Igor Rendic
  • The Intuition of Future Truths by David Boop
  • Willowrunner by B. J. Beck
  • Venerian Twilight by DJ Tyrer
  • Keeping It Fresh by R. Joseph Maas
  • The Perfect Pastry by J. A. Campbell
  • Burying Engines by Marilyn K. Martin
  • Crystalline Clouds by Sam Knight

Cover designed by Peter J. Wacks.

STEAMPUNK: The Other Worlds
233 Pages, Print Edition
ISBN: 978-1-62225-253-4

Available on Amazon on March 30, 2015.



Listed in Bowker’s Books in Print database and available from any reputable book dealer. This book will debut at AnomalyCon in Denver, CO.

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