Ancient Terrors Volume 1

Ancient Terrors Volume 1Available now at bookstores and Amazon.

Ancient Terrors (Volume 1)
Edited by Guy Anthony De Marco

An anthology of atmospheric horror and creepy ghost stories.

Editor Guy Anthony De Marco made a concerted effort to include excellent stories from both genders. This is the first volume of an ongoing series of eerie horror and ghost stories. Look for volumes 2 to 4 of Ancient Terrors in mid-December 2013.

ISBN: 978-1-62225-110-0

The Adventures of the Vagabonds

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00012]Coming this December from Villainous Press:

The Adventures of the Vagabonds by Harl Vincent

After quitting his lucrative executive management job, Carr Parker retired to a life of travel…or so he thought.

With his best friend, ace pilot and Martian native Mado of Canux, they set off to investigate an area of space that collected wrecked spaceships. One adventure after another leads to a threat of alien invasion, a mysterious creature of immense proportions, and the most frightening encounter of all…falling in love with Ora, the Princess of Europa.

Foreword by Guy Anthony De Marco
ISBN: 978-1-62225-455-2
Release Date: December 14, 2013

Behind These Eyes 2nd Printing

BTE-Cover-Full-FinalBehind These Eyes, the Bram Stoker Award finalist graphic novel from Peter J. Wacks and Guy Anthony De Marco, has gone to a second printing.

The cover has been updated, and several blurbs from authors Kevin J. Anderson, Jeanne C. Stein, Ed Bryant, Michaelbrent Collings, Quincy Allen, and S.M. Stirling were added to the back.

Imprint Information

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Barton’s Island

Barton's Island CoverComing this December from Villainous Press:

Barton’s Island by Harl Vincent

In the year 2229, Jerome Carter and his Gang of Ten run the government of United North America from the shadows. With the iron fist of business acumen, they fear only one thing: a leader who can motivate the working class, called the Gray, to revolt.


Philip Barton, born one of the elite, is that man.

Barton is exiled, along with his wife and associates. What his enemies don’t realize is that Barton and his airship yacht are not all they appear to be. On the run from government agents, Barton escapes to a secret location known as Barton’s Island. Can he elude the thugs from the government long enough to lead the workers of the world to a new era?

Foreword by Guy Anthony De Marco
ISBN: 978-1-62225-453-8
Release Date: December 14, 2013


The Adventures of the Golden Girl of Munan

Golden Girl of Munan Cover


Coming this December from Villainous Press:

The Adventures of the Golden Girl of Munan by Harl Vincent

While working in his lab, Roy Hamilton heard a voice from a distant, mysterious land…a golden voice that warned him an enemy was preparing for war!

With his trusted companions and an experimental airship capable of traveling outside the atmosphere, Roy sets out to save the Earth…and possibly rescue the Golden Girl of Munan.

Foreword by Guy Anthony De Marco
ISBN: 978-1-62225-454-2
Release Date: December 7, 2013

Behind These Eyes News

Behind These Eyes made the HWA Bram Stoker Award® final list for graphic novels.

“Behind These Eyes has it all: great creepy story, world class graphics, ending that will leave you gasping….”
— Jeanne C. Stein

“Behind These Eyes” is a visceral horror tale that clearly shows the additional punch graphic novels can bring to the genre. Truly shudder-worthy!”
— Kevin J. Anderson, international bestselling author of DEATH WARMED OVER

“Weird, creepy… *exactly* what it should be!”
— S.M. Stirling

“Stark, violent, its edges have edges. This is only for horror readers who have had their tetanus boosters.”
— Ed Bryant

“Behind These Eyes” is a swift, horrific descent into a psychological hell from which—for a rational mind—there is no escape. It is the definition of insanity, laid out step-by-bloody-step. Every panel of artwork, every stilted step of hard-hitting prose brought me that much closer to its gruesome and tragic end. It left me feeling alone in the dark while something horrible scratched on my naked skull, trying to get in.
— Quincy Allen, Penny Dread Tales 1-3

Deliciously creepy, with artwork that perfectly complements a tale that is the essence of true horror, “Behind These Eyes” is a great addition to any horror buff’s library!
–Michaelbrent Collings, bestselling author of Darkbound and The Haunted

“Angels Cried” Charity Anthology

In conjunction with Stephen L. Wilson, editor and driving force behind this charity project, Villainous Press presents Angels Cried, an anthology dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Stephen posted an idea on December 14th, asking for input and donations from authors. A flood of submissions rolled in. He crafted an anthology to generate funds for the Sandy Hook School Support Fund, managed by the United Way.

Thanks to the generosity of numerous authors and poets, Angels Cried will be available on the usual ebook channels. Villainous Press donated the ISBN and marketing to the project. All credit and praise for the inception and creation of Angels Cried should be directed to Stephen L. Wilson.